Historical Purpose


A COMPANION DOG --The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an excellent companion dog. His gentle and easy-to-care-for nature make him a perfect pet for folks of almost any age; his tough, sturdy build can take on lots of child's play as well. Corgis are remarkably "adaptable" dogs who seem to do as well with apartment living as they do out on the farm. They do need supervised play and should never be allowed to roam loose.

He is loyal and loving; affectionate, but does not force his affections upon you; sometimes independent and always amusing. They can be subtly overbearing while being cute. They need guidance and loving discipline to develop their pleasant personality. The Corgi's alertness and protective instincts also make him an excellent guardian of the home.

A WORKING DOG --The Welsh Corgi has often been called "a big dog in a little package". As a working dog, he is quite versatile.

Some Corgis herd cattle by keeping close to their heels and by guiding them with an occasional persuasive nip. Their small size and powerful hind legs allow them to race around the cattle at will, whether it be through an open pasture or through a muddy trail. This same instinct needs direction if it's misapplied to human feet!

He is also a formidable gun dog, a natural hunter with a remarkable sense of smell and interest in game. Some are even natural "mousers". These characteristics, coupled with the breed's strong aptitude for obedience work, certainly classify him as a jack of all trades.

A SHOW AND OBEDIENCE DOG --The Pembroke Corgi is an extremely intelligent animal who learns quickly and retains knowledge very well. Training (of you or the puppy) is always ongoing and must be done in a positive manner.

From a very early age, the Corgis' intense curiosity expresses itself, and this trait quickly becomes a valuable asset as it develops in the hunger to learn and especially to please his master. He needs to be given positive direction to channel his learning so that he becomes an asset to the canine community.

Corgis take to conformation or obedience work as if they had been created for it. They are sensitive yet determined, and perform their tasks with the gusto required of a topnotch competition dog.


Corgi Herding